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Tournament Rules

  1. NO CHECK OUTS: Lines in the water at 7:00 am on Saturday, October 7, 2023. No lines in water prior to this time. 
  2. Entry fee is $400.00 (7% tax & cc fees included).  At the Captain’s meeting the Tournament Director will decide whether or not weather will require rescheduling of the Tournament and, if so, all participants are bound by that decision.”  Registration starts at 6:00 p.m. on October 5, 2023 followed by a Mandatory Captains meeting at Tiki Docks Skyway Bar + Grill at 8:00 p.m.  Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any person from entering for any reason. 
  3. Fish must be caught on rod and reel (no electric reels).  Kites, wire lines, downriggers, and planers are allowed.  Live bait, dead bait, and artificial baits are permitted. There are no restrictions for line test, type, or strength. 
  4. Fishing boundaries will be as follows: Homosassa Springs North, 28’48.00’N, & Boca Grande Pass South, 26’.39.00’S.  The West boundary will be based on water depth up to 200’ deep anywhere between these North & South boundaries in the Gulf of Mexico.  Captains will determine the number of anglers up to the maximum capacity of their vessel.  No limit to the number of lines you can fish at any one time per team.  State and Federal recreational fishing rules regarding weight, size, and bag limits must be observed and followed for all species.  A state fishing license is required by law.  Only legal sized fish will be weighed. Visit for more info.
  5. Prizes are awarded to the heaviest three (3) of the BOTTOM categories (Gag Grouper, Mangrove Snapper & Scamp) which is the bottom fishing category and prizes pay 1st, 2nd, and 3rd only for this category. You may weigh ONE fish in each of these species. The boat/team with the heaviest aggregate of bottom fish OVERALL from this category will become “Bottom Master Team” and a separate prize will be awarded.
  6. Prizes are awarded to the heaviest three (3) of the PELAGIC categories (Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi & Wahoo). Prizes pay 1st, 2nd, and 3rd only for this category. You may weigh ONE fish in each of these species.  The team with the heaviest aggregate of pelagic fish OVERALL from this category will become “Pelagic Master Team” and a separate prize will be awarded. 
  7. The boat/team with the heaviest aggregate of BOTTOM AND PELAGIC categories, OVERALL, will become “Gulf Master Team” and a separate prize will be awarded.
  8. Bounty Cash & Prizes will be awarded to the heaviest Hogfish, True Black (Carbo) Grouper, and “Recreational” American Red Snapper. 
  9. Each boat is allowed to weigh one (1) fish per species and prizes will be awarded to the winning registered female angler’s team. 
  10. This is a Captain’s choice tournament.  It is up to the registered Captain to determine whether his or her craft is sea worthy for existing sea conditions.  Participants are encouraged to scan channel 16 along with the Official Tournament channel 68 to keep abreast of any marine or weather warnings.  The captain is responsible for all members of his crew both on and off the water. 
  11. This is an “all-female angler tournament”.  Male captains and mates are permitted. Fish weighed must be caught from start to finish by a single registered female angler. Once a fish is “on”, and a female angler has touched a rod, no one else is permitted to touch the rod.
  12. WEIGH-IN:  (By boat only) All tournament boats and must show their number to the designated check-in boat located at the second set of markers outside of Maximo Marina in the channel by 5:00 p.m. to be in the check-in line.   If you are not recognized by your boat number at the tournament headquarters, you will not be allowed to come to the dock and weigh your fish.  No boat may break into the weigh-in line or leave and return to the line. All boats must stack up in order in the channel that they weigh in. 
  13. Fish must be free of all hooks, wires, weights, ice, or anything not natural to the fish. 
  14. The decision to fish is solely the captain’s choice. All female anglers will fish at their own discretion and risk. Considerations for refunds, rainchecks, or charity donations will be made in the event of cancellation due to acts of God. 
  15. After tournament begins, if two or more boats come together, make landfall, or pass anything between boats, it will result in disqualification.  The only exception is for a life-threatening emergency.  The exception will apply to the boat granting assistance, not to the boat receiving assistance.  This must be reported prior to weigh-in to the Tournament Committee. 
  16. Any protest concerning the violation of tournament rules of any kind, the decision of the Tournament Director is final.  It must be made in writing and turned in to the Tournament Director before the end of the weigh-in.  Each protest must be accompanied by a $500 cash fee. If the protest is upheld, the $500 will be returned. 
  17. NOTE: ALL TOURNAMENT WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT AT TOURNAMENT AWARDS TO RECEIVE WINNING CHECKS.  Anyone receiving a check or prize from this tournament must complete a W-9 Form after weigh in before the check will be issued. (Minimum of one team member authorized to fill out paperwork and receive check must be present otherwise the winnings will be forfeited). All awards not claimed by a boat team member at the Awards Ceremony will be donated 100% to our charity. Also, if a particular category or species is not placed or won, then the associated prize will be donated to Ready For Life, Inc.